About Us


Driven by mission.

Clear Unity Bags donates profits, time and energy to the campaign I Can Stop The Bleeding.  With a common mission to prevent gun related deaths, we can save lives now by training the public on how to help bleeding victims after a mass shooting. 

I believe we can do all these things while also being fashionable and caring about our environment and our causes.  Our bags are high quality, not one-time-use, and our entire line of bags is vegan.

I am happy that you are here to grow with us and I am grateful that you have taken the time to learn about our company and why it means so much to me.

Our mission is Clear.  Now let's Unite.  


Founder, Clear Unity Bags & I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign


Kat -- Founder, CEO

Just 12 hours after our son was born, 20 children tragically lost their lives in Newtown, Connecticut.  The shock of this has never left me.  After the Parkland shooting I made a personal decision that I needed to do something to help people affected by mass shootings.  Living quietly with my horror at these events was no longer an option.  So when the Parkland students were complaining about how their clear backpacks were not a solution (and I agreed with them) I asked myself, what if we could make a clear bag that actually DOES make a difference?  Clear Unity Bags and the I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign were born.  Through our pain and sorrow we can find something that unites us - the courage to help others.  I have not looked back since. 

Christy -- Founding Advisory Board Member

As a career-long educator I am passionate about school safety.  For over ten years have made a commitment to the well-being and safety of my staff, teachers and students.  I was inspired to join Clear Unity Bags, after learning about the mission to provide much needed first aid training and supplies to teachers, with the focus on every classroom being prepared.  Mass shootings in schools, while rare, present a particular challenge to first responders who have to ensure the area is clear of active shooters.  I am proud to be a part of this movement to save lives.


Mission statement

We founded Clear Unity Bags and the I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign to unite our community around a common goal -- preventing gun related casualties. We connect what people need to why they need it, by offering beautiful products that help fund life-saving education and supplies to the public.


Clear Unity Bags, LLC  //  a FOCUSED UNITY company