How do Clear Unity Bags save lives?
We donate 10% of our profits to the nonpartisan charity, I Can Stop The Bleeding. Our common goal is to put life-saving, stop the bleeding supplies in every classroom in America. I Can Stop The Bleeding partners with U.S. school districts to deliver adequate supplies needed to effectively save lives after a shooting incident and we coordinate the proper training necessary.

Does Clear Unity Bags support gun control legislation?
We, along with our charity partners, do not take an official stance on the gun control debate. Our main mission is to bring people together to our common ground to save lives affected by gun violence. We do this by providing life-saving supplies and training should a mass shooting occur in a school or public space.

How do I clean my Clear Unity Bag?
Simply wipe down your bag with a wet cloth and then dry completely. Our bags can also be sanitized with a disinfecting wipe.

Are Clear Unity Bags eco-friendly?
Yes. Each Clear Unity Bag was designed to be more durable and longer-lasting than one-time-use bags that are too often found on the market. Our Fanny Pack is made with a TPU material which is a non-PVC material that is made with less waste. Clear Unity Bags has made a commitment to always use the most durable, and yet completely transparent, materials on the market.

Where are Clear Unity Bags made?
Our bags are ethically made in China. Our manufacturers are third-party tested to be safe and healthy environments for their workers.

Can I order a Clear Unity Bags if I live in Canada?
Yes. We accept the Canadian Dollar and we ship to every Canadian Province.