About Cause


Clear Unity’s charity partner, I Can Stop The Bleeding, is a nonpartisan, charity organization dedicated to saving lives affected by gun violence. The #1 complaint from first responders after a mass casualty incident is the lack of supplies necessary to save lives. Uncontrolled bleeding can result in death within minutes - before emergency medical responders can arrive. With proper ‘stop the bleeding’ training and supplies, we can realize fewer lives lost from the horrific gun violence crisis in America. This proven method has already begun saving lives in schools, but not every classroom is sufficiently equipped. I Can Stop The Bleeding and Clear Unity is here to change that.

We believe that doing nothing is not an option. Clear Unity Bags has made it our mission to be a part of the solution to save lives today. 10% of profits are donated to I Can Stop The Bleeding, which directly donates stop the bleeding supplies and tourniquets to classrooms across America. Used by the U.S. military, these tourniquets are proven to save lives and are designed to provide bystanders and first responders with an essential tool for saving lives after mass shootings. Once we’ve equipped every classroom in America with these essential supplies, it is our goal to expand into public spaces, public venues, places of worship and first responders.

Sadly, we find ourselves in a world where people are capable of carrying out atrocities on a mass scale. And we’ve seen it too many times. Clear bag policy requirements are in place as a result of these mass casualty incidents. Our bags are designed to be compliant with these requirements, yet they do more than just comply with a policy – they help us save lives.

Let’s make a difference. Let’s make an impact. Let’s save lives together.