We are more than just a luxury clear bag that gets you through the gates faster.  We are a mission-forward company dedicated to saving lives affected by gun violence -- a heartbreaking reality of our time and the reason why clear bag policies are in place. 

By generating awareness and providing lifesaving education and supplies, Clear Unity Bags aren't just fashionable clear bags -- they help save lives.

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Connecting WHAT you need to WHY you need it.

Clear Unity Bags donates 10% of all profits to the I Can Stop The Bleeding Campaign, which informs, educates and donates Stop The Bleeding Kits to schools, places of worship and public venues -- allowing bystanders to become heroic lifesavers after an incident.

Let's UNITE -- and make real change to save lives now.

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Connecting What You Need

To Why You Need It

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The Unity Report

  • The Courage To Help Others

    Wed, Jun 19, 19

        Just 12 hours after our son was born, 20 children tragically lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The shock of this event still haunts me today -...

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